General information for the protection of United States technology

Trust in Government appears to be at an all-time low in the US, however why? Perhaps it's the election yr the place politicians opposing the present management name into query their dereliction of obligation or embellish how unhealthy issues actually are - or perhaps it's all these hacking occasions. Our private information stolen from authorities computer systems, our identities and tax return cash stolen from the IRS knowledge bases, and our medical data out in our on-line world whilst we're compelled to present extra of our info to our authorities.
There was a quite telling article in Space War revealed on May H, 2015 titled; "Former US authorities worker tried to promote nuclear secrets and techniques" by Staff Writers in Washington DC, which acknowledged; "A former Department of Energy worker has been indicted after trying to hack company computer systems to steal after which promote nuclear secrets and techniques to Iran, China and Venezuela, US officers mentioned."
We've certain had lots of secrets and techniques find yourself in our adversaries' fingers during the last decade. Consider the Wiki Leaks man, Julian Assange, or the Army Intelligence officer, Bradley Edward Manning, now often called Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, or different smaller blunders and you'll see we've an issue; however why?
Is it the dearth of duty, self-righteousness, the necessity for acclaim and 15-minutes of fame, or is it one thing else? Is it about cash for data? Is it about releasing info? What is occurring right now? It does not appear to be getting higher, it seems to be getting worse. We've had protection contractors promote jet engine data to the Chinese, we have had company J&A workers of fortune one hundred firms promote technical information to international opponents and rogue nations. As somebody who follows the information on such issues I see alarm bells ringing.
Worse, we aren't stopping the issue, actually it's accelerating in numbers and in quantity of knowledge and knowledge misplaced, stolen, and offered to the best bidder. We've misplaced $100s of billions in proprietary data and we risked the lives of our service women and men, jeopardized our allies and world companions. What the hell is occurring, I dare to ask.
No I am hardly the primary particular person to jot down such scathing articles on this subject, and sadly, I will not be the final, and all we appear to be doing on the authorities stage is throwing extra good cash after unhealthy to scrub up the act and forestall hackers from stealing our information. How can we belief them to guard us, after they cannot even defend their very own laptop methods? Hmm - assume on it.

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