America is my home

America, so true, 
Your crimson, Your white, Your blue,

How can your youngsters stray, 
Knowing what others needed to pay,

Answering obligation's name, 
Where so many needed to fall,

That paperwork signed by few, 
Offer freedoms for me and also you?

How simply forgotten, these phrases of way back, 
That set a precedent for all times, that always we forego.

To fulfill right this moment, the self centered path we stroll, 
Forgetting to face for freedom rights, till we wake in shock.

That so few with an agenda, foyer their needs, 
Knowing full nicely the eye of many, could be distracted by present fires.

Where is the voice of encouragement, that believes deep in it is core, 
That collectively we will be a part of our forces, to guard our maiden shore?

Oh present me America the place is the one, who cares for the rights of many, 
Who will rise up for, "In God We Trust," written on our copper penny?

Don't get me mistaken oh Country I love, I shall not shirk my obligation, 
To vote for one who seems on a poll, to steer our challenged nation!

I pray immediately that ready bodied males, will take a stand for his or her beliefs, 
That all of us may expertise extra pleasure in life, and produce America fewer griefs!

I stand at your facet look off to horizons, I have but to personally discover, 
Promising future Americans, collectively we'll stand to guard your sandy shore.

So be a part of with me in honor of, those that fought so way back, 
To present for you and me, these Freedoms that we all know.

Let's bridge the hole of Party's, stand for every one, 
Let's maintain targeted on the significance of, America's responsibility name.

Let's be part of our hearts earlier than catastrophe, wakes us from our slumber, 
Where we notice the toll is nice, when it calls out our private quantity!

So as we view the coloured flares, representing way back, 
The battles fought to "Let Freedom Ring," let the entire world know,

This Nation joins collectively, even amidst troubles on our land, 
And as a Nation we'll be taught to defend Her rights, by taking a voting stand.

Let not your coronary heart develop troubled, by the one who wins the vote, 
Remember the stability was set in place, by the Constitution that they wrote.

Just keep in mind wrongs will at all times occur, and that we can not change, 
However, that which was wrongly set, will be positively rearranged!

So America the Beautiful, your present youngsters stand in Awe, 
Experiencing all these freedoms given, by the desires these Patriots noticed!

Vote for Freedom to stay in place, throughout these wondrous lands, 
Let others know we defend our rights, as we be part of American arms!

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