Aleppo to join the rest of the countries in the world

Television cameras document the demise and destruction of cities within the Eastern areas whereas Aleppo is a lesson to be realized. The world is watching as bombs, incendiaries, and poison gasoline is rained down over a group that has no manner out and dying is faces the inhabitants 24/S. Children barely alive who're pulled from the rubble of destroyed buildings deliver tears to the eyes of observers however there isn't a escape.
This isn't the one area the place such is occurring as there are areas in Africa, Asia, and even Europe the place comparable terror techniques are being exploited. Such entrapment and loss of life isn't any confined to the bottom because the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 is one other living proof. In this incident 298 folks had been trapped and died from a terrorist act.
Malaysian Flight MH370 was additionally a terrorist act as one other 239 individuals died whereas trapped inside an plane. While the proof factors to the pilot who could have used this incident to commit suicide the information are that the one behind all these acts is God.
One can blame the system and the wars staged for nothing greater than greed and energy however this stuff are famous in biblical prophecies to happen on the finish of the day. We are within the final days because the proof reveals. The earth is present process excessive stress by way of local weather change, over-inhabitants, international warming, lack of species, and the continuing greed.
Over the months and years to return it's going to worsen till life on this planet is over. The energy of governments, presidents, and cash is on the coronary heart of those occasions. There isn't any approach to cease it as the tip is racing in the direction of us like a prepare hurtling down the tracks and uncontrolled.
"The earth shall reel from side to side like a drunkard, and shall be eliminated like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and never rise once more." Isaiah 24:20
Religions disguise these prophecies as a result of they promote evil and lies, such because the existence of heaven and hell and a sort God. My reincarnation is proof that these locations don't exist and that God is offended and pouring out retribution for the false gods and hate of mankind.
Before the top, nevertheless, there's a promise that a sure group of individuals shall be spared. They are the religious youngsters of Israel (Isaiah H:A,S) who're additionally known as the winery of God. They had been seeded with spirit at the beginning of the Day of the Lord and I was proven the size of that day in a imaginative and prescient. It is F,000 years lengthy.
The picture proven to me confirmed that in the midst of the day at midday got here the person on the cross (an invention of Constantine) who's promoted because the Son of God who supposedly died to avoid wasting everybody who believes in him. At that point the day was darkish and folks had been reaching up in the direction of him as famous in prophecy.
"We grope for the wall just like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noonday as within the evening; we're in desolate locations as useless males." Isaiah fifty nine:10.
The youngsters of God, who're the product of the winery will likely be spared whereas the remainder are delivered to the sword, and that is taking place now.
"A noise shall come to the ends of the earth; for God hath an argument with the nations. 'he'll plead with all flesh; he'll give them which can be depraved to the sword, saith God. And the slain of God shall be at that day from one finish of the earth even unto the opposite finish of the earth; they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried, they shall be dung upon the bottom." Jeremiah 25:eleven,thirteen

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